We’re Valion.
Valion is a group of people that are passionate about business and how data can help create true value for our clients. We love to challenge the status quo and find new, innovative and, most importantly, useful applications of technology in the business world.
Our Story
We started our journey in 2016 with a young, small, but highly committed team and the ideology of changing the world through the use of data (science) and AI. Every challenge is an opportunity and we want to help companies overcome their challenges with our expertise.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to be able to partner with our clients over various industries and address their challenges. As time passed and projects were delivered, we also realised that the data hype and reality were at very different stages of the maturity curve.

This reinforced our belief and vision to make data (science) and AI more accessible and useful to the business, independent of size and industry. We aspire to tell the complete business story through the eyes of a data scientist and have the capability to advice and deliver on the roadmap to get there.
Valion Facts:
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Our Mission
Valion is a catalyst for companies to get the most out of their available (data) resources.
Our Essence
At the core we focus on value and vision, driven by our expertise, experience and creativity.
Our Promise
We co-create roadmaps and deliver on relevant projects to fast-track our clients' (data) journey.
Our Vibe
We aspire to apply the think-tank mentality to the business world in order to drive innovation where it is possible and useful.
Working at Valion
At Valion, we operate on the playing field where business and technology meet. It’s a challenging area as we need to understand both sides of the story and follow up on their latest trends and developments. That’s why our team is always open to welcoming new members that have the same mindset and want to contribute to our story.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and coming from various backgrounds, ranging from economics to computer science. This allows us to look at the same challenge from different perspectives and work together towards the best allround solution.

We believe in collaboration, empowerment and open communication, which is reflected in our flat company structure. But we also understand that growth and guidance is important, which is why we are investing in knowledge sharing, training partners and personal development plans.
Valion has a company culture based on people who genuinely believe in the vision and choose to work together. We built this company together and now we want to grow it as a team. Excited to contribute to our positive story? Don’t hesitate to reach out!
Senior Business Analyst
As a Business Analyst from Valion, your goal is to create true business value by delivering solutions to the client’s business pains and challenges.
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Senior Business
Data Scientist
As a Data Scientist from Valion, your goal is to create true business value by showing the business how their world can be through the eyes of a data scientist.
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Data Engineer
As a Data Engineer from Valion, your goal is to create true business value by delivering clean and automated solutions.
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Senior BI
Developer -Architect
As a BI Developer - Architect from Valion, your goal is to create true business value by delivering clean and automated BI solutions.
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