We are looking for a Data Scientist

As a data scientist from Valion, your goal is to create true business value by delivering solutions to the client’s business pains and challenges.
We don’t believe in the big bang theory for data science, which is why we believe in the value of a data roadmap and long-term vision, in which we assist the client in achieving their goals and ambitions. You will be part of the diverse projects from end-to-end.

We believe that skills can be taught, motivation & ambition on the other hand….

We are recruiting a senior Data Scientist that can help us.
Who are we looking for?
  • Passionate about working with data and its potential to help clients
  • Good is not good enough, as you always want to deliver quality
  • Able to perform individually as well in team
  • Work hard, play hard mentality
  • Not too shy to get your hands dirty in data cleansing and preprocessing
  • Customer-oriented, with good communication, presentation and analytical skills
  • Excellent programming skills
  • Proficient in mathematics, statistical modelling (time series, classification, …)
  • Proficient and creative with the full data chain (collection, analysis, visualisation)
  • Proficient in Python, R and SQL
  • Knowledge & experience with cloud computing platforms, Hadoop & Spark
  • Proficient in model selection, assessment and validation
  • ·      Active Github links / Kaggle profiles are a definite plus
What do we offer?
  • Competitive salary and benefits (company car, fuel card, …)
  • An open and flexible work culture
  • Pure start-up mentality with a team of true data enthusiasts who are always ready to help
  • Diverse range of projects at small and large client companies
  • Personalized development plan, based on your own ambitions
  • The right tools for you to excel at your work
  • Opportunity to go abroad for projects and/or trainings
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About us

We are passionate about creating true business value for our clients. The core of our cooperation is based on a clear understanding of the business needs/pains, but more importantly also the ambitions.

If we summarise our team in 3 lines:

  • Advice and Delivery
  • “Experienced But Not Arrogant”
  • “Young But Not Reckless"

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We are always open to sharing ideas and experiences, as well as brainstorming to identify new and viable cases.
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