Our Approach

Working in project mode without a clear approach and framework is never a good idea and very risky. Data science & AI projects are no different in this aspect as they can be even higher in risk and lower in return on investment if the approach is taken too lightly. A simple explanation for this is that eliminating causes or scenarios are also considered a success factor in this realm, but as a budget holder it can be a painful message to receive.

Business data value chain

We apply an holistic approach to guide the client throughout the business data value chain and this can be done in two ways.

Scenario 1 - Together with the business, we can define the business case and scope, design, build and document the solution
Scenario 2 - We can review the current business case, challenge the current solution, advise on useful changes and implement the necessary optimisation.




& AI

Know your customer (KYC)
This phase is key in order to understand the business and technical context of the client. We identify the key business needs and assess the current technical landscape. This is usually done with a multi-disciplinary team to ensure that we capture the complete picture.

This is the essential first step in our approach to start a project, but can also be performed seperately as a second opinion on your current landscape or solution.
Proof of Value
Based on the KYC analysis, we can define together what are relevant projects and initial scopes to validate the feasibility and ROI on this potential pick list. The Proof of Value phase focuses on creating a relevant prototype that is as close as possible to the desired end result.

Taking risks and challenges too lightly in this phase will only cause higher risks and costs in later stages.
After a successful Proof of Value and validation by the business, the remainder of the desired scope is developed and put into production.

Focus on standardisation, automation and documentation.
Change Management
The terms "backseat driver” and "armchair general” are definitely not in our vocabulary. Our work does not end after development.

User adoption and ROI are key measures on which we base the success of our projects, so we put extra emphasis on training and knowledge transfer.

About us

We are passionate about creating true business value for our clients. The core of our cooperation is based on a clear understanding of the business needs/pains, but more importantly also the ambitions.

If we summarise our team in 3 lines:

  • Advice and Delivery
  • “Experienced But Not Arrogant”
  • “Young But Not Reckless"

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