What if?
Apart from the real reference cases, we aspire to apply the think-tank mentality to the business world in order to drive innovation where it is possible and useful. To enable this, we will define “fantasy cases”. These are cases that we have not done at the client side, but deem interesting based on our experience, our client discussions and the market trends.
Supply Chain
Inspiration case 1:
Supply chain
Supply chain is a key component of your operations.
Many new CEO’s have a background in supply chain. That only emphasises how important supply chain has become for customer satisfaction and the success of your company.
What if we look at this from a different perspective?
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Inspiration case 2:
Beyond budgeting
Creating a budget is a tedious and labour-intensive process, but a necessary evil that provides guidance and direction for the company. But the nature of the process also means that it is rigid and can’t easily adapt to changing market conditions.
What if this can be done differently?
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Beyond budgeting
Town Hall Assistant
Inspiration case 3:
Town Hall Assistant
Town halls offer a great service to the public, but availability can be a challenge as the opening hours don’t necessarily align with the working hours of most citizens.
What if town halls would have a 24/7 assistant to answer the common questions?
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We are passionate about creating true business value for our clients. The core of our cooperation is based on a clear understanding of the business needs/pains, but more importantly also the ambitions.

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