Beyond budgeting
A global company has rapidly grown over the years due to a combination of organic growth and acquisitions. Even though production and sales are performing great, the budgeting process is very tedious, yet error prone due to the scale and number of manual interventions. Aside from the error, it’s a very intensive process which doesn’t allow for adaptability to fast changing market circumstances.

Therefore the client wants to transition towards vision of beyond budgeting to transform the performance potential of an organisation. This is done by freeing the organisation from the performance trap of annual budgets and, at the same time, releasing the full power of people in the front lines.
Our approach
Know your customer
Know your customer
The goal of the KYC is to understand your business context and the technical landscape:
  • What are the specifics of your business and business model?
  • What do you consider as your biggest business pains?
  • Heavy and manual budgeting process
  • Data inconsistency
  • Complexity of shared processes over regions and departments
  • Regional differences (timing and standards)
  • What are your biggest opportunities and ambitions?
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • More market share / value
  • Proximity to your customer base
  • Is your technical roadmap in line with your business goals?
  • Real-time reporting
  • Incorporating external / open data sources
Proof of Value
Create prototype and dashboard of the budgets and forecasts based on:
  • Two key regions that are representative for the complexity of your business budgeting process
  • Aligned definitions of the business concepts (e.g. chart of accounts)
  • Multiple snapshots of data
Verify and challenge the existing reports with the SME’s based on the same snapshot, to compare apples with apples.

Once validated, it is time to implement the analytical capabilities.
  • Identify the 20% of internal & external drivers that explain 80% of business result
  • Install a rolling forecast that ties in with the strategic plan and feeds the annual budget
  • Have the possibility to use these key drivers to generate multiple scenarios quickly that covers all levels of the organisation
Proof of Value
Let’s assume your company has a strategy of one central data platform.
Transition towards the desired end result by:
  • Automating data feeds from source system to central data platform
  • Defining and implementing data model and transformations
  • Identify the 20% of internal & external drivers that explain 80% of business result
  • Business alignment between regions on definitions of concepts related to Accounting and Finance
  • Automated and flexible budgeting process
  • Ability to perform scenario-analysis based on the key (cost) drivers
  • Standardised workflow for adding new data sources and business into this framework
  • One version of the truth, based on the raw data
  • Flexible and faster budgeting process
  • Agility to adapt to market circumstances
  • Efficiency by focusing on that 20% that explains 80% of your business result
  • Drastic impact om the capacity of the finance team
  • Improved tracking and management of business targets
  • Elimination of manual efforts reduces chance of human errors

About us

We are passionate about creating true business value for our clients. The core of our cooperation is based on a clear understanding of the business needs/pains, but more importantly also the ambitions.

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  • “Experienced But Not Arrogant”
  • “Young But Not Reckless"

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