Town Hall Assistant
In 2019, there are 589 municipalities in Belgium, so it is undeniably clear that town halls play a prominent role in our life and various key milestones.

The town hall and its website are our cornerstone for finding serious information for applying for legal documents, but also fun facts about the next local event, pool party, etc.

Even though town halls have a prominent role, it’s not always easy to go there during opening hours and easily find the right information on their website.

What if there would be a 24/7 Town Hall Assistant, that can provide us the basic information in an innovative way, whenever we have time and through our preferred communication channel.
Our approach
Know your customer
Know your customer
Together we will cover the different communication channels that the town hall uses to interact with the local public and perform a gap analysis.

Many legal procedures are standard over the various municipalities, but there will be some specifics to every town in how they handle these requests or the availability of local services.

It’s key to understand the specific needs of every municipality and the needs and preferences of the local community.
Proof of Value
Together with the local council and public servants, we will define the key concerns and questions of the public.

These scenarios will be the core of our prototype of a conversational assistant:
  • Based on answering the selection of key topics
  • With a visual interface to add new scenarios
  • Available on the website
  • Usable on various communication channels
Once the prototype is completed, it’s a good idea to select a test audience to assess the usability and functionalities of the virtual assistant.
Proof of Value
To transition to a viable Town Hall Assistant:
  • Expand the functionality and scenarios to the desired end result
  • Setup a technical environment to host the assistent and make it available 24/7
  • Integrate the assistant into the website and all desired communication channels
  • Train the public servants in how to add new scenarios
  • A fully working conversational Town Hall Assistant
  • An interface to easily add new scenarios
  • Technical environment managed by client and ourselves
  • Higher availability and reach to the community
  • Innovative way of interacting with the community
  • Improved insights in the key questions for the local public
  • Relieve stress on the town hall reception
  • Potential of integrating complete processes in the virtual assistant (e.g. register an appointment, request a copy of a document, etc.)

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